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The song was likely played live before it was released on either album. The standard version of the song features Scott Avett on banjo and lead vocals, Seth Avett on guitar and lead vocals, and Bob Crawford on upright bass. The sentimental version of the song features Scott, Seth, and their sister Bonnie Avett on lead vocals and both brothers on guitar with Bob on upright bass.

Swept Away () - Box Office Mojo

Well you send my life a whirling Darling when you're twirling On the floor Who cares about tomorrow? What more is tomorrow? Than another day. I see the end of the rainbow But what more is a rainbow Than colors out of reach If you come down to my window And I climb out my window Then we'll get out of reach. But it sure feels like it. The characters open their mouths and their lips don't seem to be shaping the right words -- you can't believe any human beings would ever utter such ludicrous dialogue, with so little conviction.

A shrill, amateurish two-character play that demeans women and leaves men with the quaint notion that the best way to a woman's heart is through enslavement.

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User Reviews. I actually liked it. I don't understand all this hate for Madonna's acting.

It was pretty good. I would recommend this movie! En todo caso la historia es entretenida. Puede observarse la belleza de la naturaleza, incluida la belleza de los actores principales. Por cierto: Viva la Reina … Expand.

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Considering this movie's IMDB 3. Americans are like "it's painful to watch thus I'm not watching it" and Russians are "it's so painful to watch Considering this movie's IMDB 3. Americans are like "it's painful to watch thus I'm not watching it" and Russians are "it's so painful to watch and I'm rewatching it when possible". Masochistic approach.

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Plus, there's always this "Americans are trashing this movie - must be a good one". And, of course, according to us, Russians did it earlier with cult and still famous "The Fourty-First" winning award in Cannes. That's why Lina's version was not original, too. It's a little consolation for Madonna and Guy, of course. The only minus of this movie - no Madonna song on soundtrack. Such a waste.

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MarkC Aug 23, OK, it is not a movie that overloaded critics with perception disorders would expect, but it a is little fun for average viewers. One can feel so much hate towards Madonna and Ritchie prior to making an objective judgments from critics. Everyone involved in this could've done right. But sadly, almost everything's wrong.

It's a total misstep from Madonna, Guy Ritchie and even the butchered fishes. As much as you have to love Madonna as a singer, she cannot act.


She just cannot. Because of that, the movie is already ruined.

Swept Away (club mix) - Diana Ross 1984

You have to admire her for trying, but you can't admire the movie. Mar 5, The original was a decent enough film, but this one is a pale copy. Don't waste your time with this drivel. More From Metacritic. It's classic summer counterprogramming: When a major action film comes All Films Considered: Guy Ritchie. With Sherlock Holmes opening on Friday, we take the opportunity to get Movie Preview: 10 Films to See in August.