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Sin embargo, y a pesar de que el Sr. Tras decenas de horas de testimonio del Sr. La experiencia del Sr. La falta notoria de hechos concretos para o condenar al Sr.

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Durante varias y largas entrevistas, el Sr. Durante esas horas de soledad, la mente del Sr. Actualmente, el Sr. Cuando los hechos de sangre comenzaron a salirse de control, El Sr. Cuando las guardias de seguridad del Sr. Tras el arresto del Sr. En agradecimiento, el Sr. Acceso al ahora esta en todas partes - en el cuerpo, en el silencio, y el espacio alrededor tuyo.

Estas son las claves para entrar en un estado de paz interior. Ellas pueden ser usadas para traerte al ahora, al momento presente, donde los problemas no existen. El objetivo de la obra es convertir a cualquier hombre, independientemente de sus bazas, en un Aven, un seductor. Esta es la impactante historia de Luis Palau, el evangelista de fama mundial, a menudo visto como el sucesor de Billy Graham. Jackson, Misisipi, August sale poco. Ahora, siguiendo la pista de una misteriosa carta, emprende un viaje hacia la isla remota de Gales en la que su abuelo se crio.

Una historia que necesitas experimentar. Escucha para mas No siempre tenemos a mano los ingredientes de la felicidad. Necesitamos hablar frente a la gente cada vez que podamos para que nos vean y nos consideren como los mejores de la empresa, o para que hagamos crecer nuestros propios negocios.

Editor's Picks. Here are a few of our favorite listens this week. Edwin de la Cruz — Audible Latino Editor. Now, listen to LeJuan himself as he narrates this collection of inspirational-- and often hilarious anecdotes about growing up Hispanic in the US. Not an Audible member yet? Get any audiobook FREE when you start a 30 day trial. Start my free trial. Cancel anytime.

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Best Sellers. To reach that professional objective, Laura must navigate past the ignorance and superstitions of her family, in addition to the dangers and obstacles of an unknown and foreign world. Can she distance herself from her relations and negotiate all the challenges ahead of her to reach her goals, or will her life be thrown off course by her ties and obligations to her family? Sin embargo, algo se le opone. Antonio Machado.

Obras Completas. Antonio Machado was born in Seville in , the second of five brothers, in the midst of a liberal family. In the whole family moves to Madrid. Caminante, no hay camino, sino estelas en la mar. By Alberto Ramirez. This book is published by Floricanto Press: www. Yet in the closing weeks of his last semester—having survived the rigors of academic life and a series of racially charged incidents—he attends a lecture on Beowulf. Wavering between fatalism and free will, Juan ultimately dons the mantle of monster-messiah and sets out to perform the miracle of saving himself.

Emotions, culture, and mental illness: A short history of my father. By Luis R. Medina, Edited by Leyla Namazie. What exactly are emotions? How do we learn to feel anything? His story is presented with brutal candor, submerging us into the depths of human suffering and the devastating effects of poverty and mental illness. Presidential campaign… Presidential candidate Donald J.

Trump attacked Mexico, Mexicans, and trade with Mexico. Trump declared Mexico is stealing American companies, stealing American jobs. Essentially, Donald J. South of the border Mexicans helped Abraham Lincoln by defeating an invading French Army intent on supplying the Confederacy with arms.

Loneliness of the Soul. By James R. Bankruptcy, poverty, exploitation. Sounds familiar? This novel has it all. Stella Bernal grows up on a farm in Colombia, South America. She survives by her wits and petty crime. No work is too hard for her. Injustice makes her bitter but she never loses hope. She is determined to overcome all obstacles so she can buy the palatial home of the president for her parents. From early in life she is determined to get ahead. Stella cleans houses in Miami and works four jobs in Manhattan.

She is exploited and abandoned by men and her own family. But she always picks herself up until her promise comes true. This is a joint publication of of Berkeley and Floricanto Presses. A remarkable montage of images, feelings, and expressions that lift the spirit and plumb the depth and promises of the American experience.

It turns disquiet into revelation. State University of New York Press, The Water of Life Remains in the Dead. By Maria Nieto. Leyla Namazie, Editor. Read More. The story, set in , is centered on the canny, spirited and charming Los Angeles Times reporter, Alejandra Marisol. Alejandra displays relentless tenacity as she delves into the bowels of corrupt city politics, shady real-estate transactions, and an overbearing Archdiocese to fish out the truth surrounding unspeakable crimes using the art of deduction and forensic science. While the story clearly demonstrates that the present is inextricably tied to the past, it does not let us forget that ordinary people have the ability to override the power of history to shape destiny.

Water is life and has no borders, penetrating our bones and teeth to give us clues on where we were born and where we ended our path. Five dead bodies in the back of a pickup truck, a cardinal with interests beyond the church, a real estate developer with ties to the Archdiocese, a possible metaphor with no known meaning, all proof that nothing was clear.

Nieto is a new refreshing voice in this predominantly Anglo male genre. Her heroine is a feisty Chicana LA Times reporter that loves her Revlon lipstick, finds solace in her blue VW bug named Azulita, and is not afraid to confront the big boys that run the City of Angels like their own private palm-laden country club. Nieto uses history, culture, science, and sharp female intuition with dark humor to tell her story that will keep you guessing and smiling. Alejandra is a feisty Chicana who uses her Revlon lipstick like a talisman as she delves into the bowels of corrupt city politics, shady real-estate transactions, and an overbearing Archdiocese to fish out the truth surrounding unspeakable crimes using the art of deduction and forensic science.

Filled with rich Los Angeles history this fast paced story undercoated with humor will not disappoint. This is an award-winning anthology of short stories by the author of the novel The Deaths of Don Bernardo Floricanto Press, Therefore, they offer the reader a glimpse of the development of certain aesthetic and conceptual elements that bore fruit in the novel.

For example, in these stories we see a growing concern for the ways that different ethnic groups interact. She narrates from the gut, from the inside, with a curious eye and great dramatic power, stories of worlds that collide and disconnect. Murder in the Mountains. An internationally-known, Latino reporter investigates the Khojaly Massacres.

This book is published by Berkeley Press. On a bitterly cold February night of , the Armenian government ordered its troops to destroy an innocent town of 6, people in the Caucasus Mountains. Surrounded on three sides by Armenian troops and their allies, the town was destroyed in less than three hours by bombardment, tanks and hundreds of attackers on foot.

It was a killing field for hundreds of unarmed men, women and children. It was a preplanned and organized ambush that felled men, women and child victims in open fields with no cover. It is representative of a conflict frozen in time; a conflict that has no international outrage to push for a solution. This was only the beginning of years of attacks and terror. The story is real, supported by undisputed facts and captured by eyewitness reports. The story of Khojaly should be told so that such human brutalities are never repeated.

Galician Memories. By Daniel Otero. Simon grows up to become a smuggler within this family of bootleggers whom try to survive against poverty. Esteban wants these routes for himself and when Antonio rejects his proposal, this mob boss will send his enforcer, Guillo. Simon has to run and leave Galicia for good! Without any other alternatives, he escapes to France and foolishly joins the French Foreign Legion under a falsified alias. Daniel Otero, intends to bring light on the dark side of Galician life. On an existing problem that has dampened this beautiful most northwestern region and mysterious place of Spain.

With proud traditions and Celtic ancestry, Galicia has today evolved into greatness against poverty and overwhelming odds. It further focuses on survival a mist crisis and how a boy has to be taken brutally and yanked from his childhood to become a man! Without any apologies, Daniel wants to give Galicia its overdue honors. Animals of My Land. Animales de mi tierra.

Illustrated by Gaby Rico. This is a publication of Floricanto. Animals of My Land is the first children's trilingual book published in Nahuatl, Spanish and English in the United States and is designed to nourish the important bond between language, nature and culture. This book has been created with the intention of reconnecting with the ancient Aztec civilization and their language, while also cultivating both English and Spanish. This illustrated Spanish, English and Nahuatl trilingual book presents the most common and unique fauna of Mexico in most colorful illustrations set within magnificent background landscapes.

This book is suitable for beginning readers and to be read to and it is very highly recommended. Romancero gitano. El Romancero gitano, The Gypsy Ballads is a lyric work that Lorca began writing in and was published This Romancero is comprised of eighteen folk ballads about themes, such as night, death, blood, sky and the moon. The overriding theme is the Gypsy folk world. These ballads represent a synthesis of folk poetry and high lyrics, exposed in Andalucia and the Gypsy in a mythic and metaphoric style.

This work reflects the sufferings of the Gypsy people, who are persecuted by authorities and their struggle against this repressive governmental overreach. La obra refleja las penas de un pueblo que vive al margen de la sociedad y que se ve perseguido por los representantes de la autoridad, y por su lucha contra esa autoridad represiva.

Long Way Home. By Harold J. The poems in Long Way Home memorialize, historicize, publicize, and chastise with beautifully woven words that seek to incite change by bridging the great gulf between parent and child, neighbor and neighbor, holy word and vulgar indifference, Spanish and English, between the promise of America and its bleak reality. These are gritty tales of real people who we are too often invisibilized. Though the poet implores us to see and hear and touch the downtrodden, he does not invoke pity, but admiration for their endurance, empathy so that we might see how our destinies are intertwined, and anger for the way the vulnerable are exploited.

University of Texas, To read poetry rooted in the margins is to discover the existing beauty in the midst of despair and disenfranchisement. Recinos paints for us what those with privilege seldom get to see. This same concern for the structural and inner workings of human life also informs these poems. Whether or not you agree with the theology under girding this collection, you will appreciate the passion and commitment to well-being it seeks to communicate.

Pinn, Prof. By Patrick Fontes. Speaking in tongues. Some find solace in cruelty, others in drugs, or in the opiate of religion, or completely retreating from the world.

Dictionary of spoken Spanish

Mexican Queer Theater. By Clary Loisel, Ph. Adelaida R. Everything We Think We Hear. Everything We Think We Hear is a collection of prose poems and flash fictions in the tradition of the Latin American microcuento. At turns fabulistic and true to life, these short pieces tell stories about growing up in and out of South Texas and about the role family mythology has in relating to the world. Through experiences articulated via poetic prose, this collection presents Latin storytelling as a way to understand the universal through the personal. How does one survive the multi-faceted self fashioned from such meanings?

Latino Puerto Rican Fiction Books. Luck is Just the Beginning. But a chain of catastrophic events intervenes. It will take your breath away and warm your heart. Emotionally pitch-perfect and skillfully written, this historical novel transports the reader on an unforgettable journey to a time and place most of us have never known. Figueroa bring us a vivacious and veridical narrative of a vigorous social space inhabited by gang members, the unemployed, the government welfare dependents, business owners, and average hard-working class folks, whose factual and metaphorical boundaries are enclaved in culture, language, and predicated in everyday endurance and active struggle.

The barrio life streams day-by-day observations, struggles, and night-by-night clashes among affectionate relatives and acquaintances facing existential dilemmas. There is no better book to immerse oneself in a Latino barrio-neighborhood life. Leyla Namazie, LatinoBooks. The stories allow us to understand the rich Mexican American culture of the past when life was simple and innocent. Best Union Focused Book. This ground-breaking book—written in Spanish—by Dr. It describes his life and strife as a labor and political leader of farm workers in the California fields of tears.

Inspired by advocates of nonviolence, such as Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, he sought to redress economic deficiencies and injustices in the agricultural fields of California. He was the driving force behind seminal events, such as the creation of the United Farm Workers Union, the organization of nationwide boycotts and marches against the large farming enterprises and growers.

The book is greatly complemented by rare photographs of his life and the labor struggles he successfully led. Emma Chaves. The feisty mountain people of Alturas, in the Cordillera Central of Puerto Rico, scratch and claw to survive in their beloved but devastated patch of God-given earth. During the early 20th century one calamity after another has caused hunger and misery to hover over this beautiful Island and its amazingly resilient people.

The colorful characters depicted in these compelling and unforgettable tales seek happiness by spreading rumors, creating tales, accessing the spirit world, even seeing the sudden apparition of a loved one. Somehow, they must pick up the pieces of their shattered lives and continue to trudge forward with dreams and hope. Tales from Alturas is Emma Chaves first novel. She immerses us in her narrative populated by multidimensional and realistic characters, often complicated and unpredictable, but more importantly, drawn from her ample and keen and ardent knowledge of the Island and her people; individuals more often than not, found in the typical Latino world.

This is an outstanding novel about a colorful family chronicle ofthe struggles to endure in a difficult world caught between the past and uncertain emerging future. The purpose of the awards is to recognize literary excellence without limitations or restrictions. Martinez, Manuel Luis.

Meaning of "concuñado" in the Spanish dictionary

Los Duros. Los Duros is a destitute colonia suffocating in the brutal heat of the Mojave Desert. Families must live without running water or electricity as they attempt to survive on the edge of the Salton Sea, a toxic lake where dead fish rot and poisons pollute the shore. The reality of living in the shanty wastelands of the affluent jewel cities of southern California threatens to destroy two young men living in desperate poverty and abandonment. On a night of unthinkable violence, Banger and Tarasco will be thrust together as they confront the tragic circumstances that threatens to claim them as two more squandered casualties to the callous indifference suffered by those forced to live in the shadows.

Guillermo, an idealistic teacher, and Juan, the long-absent father of one of the boys, are desperate to help them when Banger and Tarasco become suspects in a local arson and double-murder. Los Duros examines the role of fate in the lives of a generation of forgotten children; can love achieve redemption for a tortured father and raise the hope that origin does not constitute destiny? This is a crucial and timely story of a place that seems far away, but exists in the darkest recesses of our America and its dissipated dream.

We are not Dominican enough or American enough to call either place home. We live and love with one foot on the ground and one foot in the sea. Doris Mercado. The Armor of Love and Hope. Edited by Yasmeen Namazie. Her story is partly one of family but also one of self-reliance, recounting her troubled childhood in Ponce, Puerto Rico and also poverty and homelessness in Massachusetts. Among the outstanding new releases we have the following titles:. Migrant Earth. Migrant Earth very eloquently documents the travels and travails of a family of Mexican migrant workers as they wander the Western United States in the s and s.

These poignant tales paint the life and death struggle of a family living on the periphery of a dominant white culture that simultaneously loathed and needed them. They owned but the clothes on their backs and lived in rat infested labor camps throughout the Pacific Northwest. Reflections of a Hispanic Teacher: Resistance to class and racial oppression in the classroom. This book offers a much-needed progressive-critical perspective of American education based on the experiences of a Hispanic teacher dealing with real issues in the classroom. Reflecting on twenty-one years of teaching in the trenches of the South Bronx and in the City of Yonkers, his background andupbringing as a Puerto Rican immigrant, and his family's struggle to ensure he was well educated, he now sees a failed education system laying blame in all the wrong places.

Intertwining real world teaching experience with pedagogic theories, vivid childhood stories of his grandfather, real life trials and tribulations of students in the classroom, and the values and dreams Hispanic writers pour into their poetry and prose, the author shows the complexity of the social order, its influence on education, and the reasons for perceived educational failures. Exploring pedagogic theories, we see that prevailing reform theories, such as inclusion, fail to recognize education in the context of the social order.

Children need to be taught individually; their intellectual, emotional, and behavioral needs cannot fit into a one-size-fits-all model. But how can we satisfy individual needs in a non-negative context? Systems, such as MicroSociety, that contextualize schools in an economics-based environment recognize a false social order, trap children in a system that in reality is littered with racism and classism, promote consumerism and same-ism, and stymie creativeexpression.

Once in a Lifetime. Chris Campanioni. But even time gradually dissolves in this coming-of-age drama interlaced with pop music, the age of Internet and status updates, cinema and celebrity, memories of Cuba and Poland, and the passage to the United States. Runtime: 24 hours. Visceral and moving. Cheekiness and delicateness all in one.

Once in a Lifetime is equal parts cut-up and confessional. Xavier and the Bully. Xavier y el Chico Malo. When the roof of their old school fell in, Xavier and his friends are transferred to a newer school at the edge of the city. They wondered if a group of Spanish speaking kids from the farm lands of the west county would get along in the new place. Xavier had driven by it a few times with his father and it looked like a big white castle surrounded by gardens.

What were the students like? Kayla S. Estos individuos siguen activos en una gran variedad de profesiones y organizaciones a nivel local, estatal, nacional, e internacional. Gilberto Aguirre, M. Valley Rising is a powerful reflection—of a sincere man dedicated to the betterment of his Mexican American people—on the very deep, personal, structural and historical root causes of segregation and its dehumanizing effects.

From living in the barrio to a respectful neighborhood, you meet his family, friends, teachers, coaches and fellow workers that make up his multiply divided world of many social, economic and racial tensions. You experience the agonies and the joys, the frustrations and dreams, the painful insults and encouraging moments, and most of all the hard work fueled by the deep commitment to overcome the inferiority complex by achieving success without losing his Mexican American soul.

T wo outstanding novels with diverse settings and intriguing plots, Puerto Rico and the East LA barrio. Surrounding Sea , by Robert Friedman, a seasoned Puerto Rican investigative reporter, tells, based on real events, the dramatic story of student protests against the U. This courageous novel brings the tranquil and bucolic life of the Island in direct conflct with the Pentagon and the military industrial complex. Only a born poet could do what Marco a. This novel is as much about voice and what a master can do with language as it is about his fascinating story and characters.

The Tortilla Maker tells a story of Ignacia, who in , reluctantly entered--forced by her desperate mother--into an arranged marriage to an older, prosperous rancher in Sonora, Mexico. Nana--determined to find a better life--walked over a hundred miles with her children in tow for weeks, to reach the nearest city. The Delirium of Simon Bolivar. The author also refers at times to things that can seem simple, but with the punctuality of the cruel reality of a fierce suffering, as if making it normal and part of daily life.

The metaphors that are included in the volume are also of an artistic depth without equal. The author is an architect of poetry that is sincere, authentic, and spontaneous. One might say it is poetry inspired by the instinct of the heart.

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  • Por caminos errantes , by Lima, Robert. The poems evoke desire and physical presence, and the sharing of his personal experience of his relationship to the objects and places in the temporal world. It is an explication for why his own impressions are vitally important. His voice does not allow us to look away from his lyrical experience. Don Cellini. What happens when a young poet in Mexico City writes about his coming out experiences? What we discover is that these experiences are not unique to one individual, but belong to all of us. Edited and translated by Mark Jacobs.

    This is a coming of age story about two cousins, who are the best of friends. The girls will learn to stick together and that the bond between family is stronger than any rite of passage. Everyone needs a Tia Emmi in their life.


    By Judy Paneto-Roman. The helium balloons in this pachanga are a series of inflated scandals due to infidelity, lunatic rage and psychological imbalances. Like all families, there is loss and tragedy, but resilience triumphs over their fixations and shortcomings. Island of Dreams. Floricanto Non-Fiction titles range from historical writings, essays on cultural and linguistic conflict, philosophy, governance and political and economic discourse, accounts of Latino insurrection and biographies, both collective and individual.

    We include also titles about citizenship and naturalization. In May of , the small town of Postville, Iowa, experienced an Immigration Raid in which nearly Latino immigrant workers in the meat processing industry were arrested. The Postville Raid, the second largest in U. These are the life stories, told in their own words, of some of the workers who were affected by the raid. Our Latino book authors are professional writers who are committed to the furthering of the Latino culture, be through creative writings or non-fiction titles enhancing the understanding of Latinos.

    Our authors come from various professional commmunities and academic settings. We seek quality in the intellectual and editorial content of our publications. We make sure that the text meets high standards.